Ship management

Dockendale, MUR’s ship management company, has many decades of technical experience and seafaring knowledge. With a pool of over 2,000 active seafarers. Dockendale is responsible for providing full technical support on all of MUR’s owned vessels and a growing number of third-party owned vessels.

Technical Management

Dockendale offers customised maintenance and repair for a wide range of vessels. Our technical team have decades of experience between them and take pride in giving individual attention to each job.

We build long-term relationships with our clients based on transparency and good communication. We actively encourage clients to visit us to see first-hand how we care for their vessel.

Vessel owners and other clients also benefit from access to Dockendale’s online vessel management platform where they can review maintenance reports and receive regular technical updates.

Crew Management

We operate a pool of over 2,000 active seafarers – around half of which are onboard vessels at any one time.

We recruit and retain talented individuals on the basis of strong technical knowledge, expertise, professionalism and leadership. This ensures our crew members are highly adept at running and maintaining vessels over long voyages, but also well-equipped to deal with contingencies and emergencies should they arise.

We work closely with our clients and can accommodate customised crewing where needed. All our crew members undergo continuous training and evaluation to ensure full compliance with health and safety standards.

Key facts


Vessels managed by Dockendale

2000 +

Seafaring staff

ISO 9001


Our Services

Logistics and freight

We transport dry bulk cargo around the world on behalf of more than 300 clients.

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Ship management

Dockendale provides a full range of crewing, ship management and technical services, including to MUR’s owned fleet.

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Vessel owning

Our owned and controlled fleet of modern, fuel-efficient vessels. This gives us the capacity to deliver across a range of freight types, take on multi-year contracts and niche cargo requirements.

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