Vessel Owning

Our owned fleet of geared dry cargo vessels ranges from 27,000 to 61,000 dwt. Our vessels are open hatch box-shaped, mostly log or grab-fitted, which allows us to operate in a wide range of locations, increasing the speed at which we function and the ability to meet our client’s needs efficiently.

We enjoy long-term relationships with first-class ship builders, primarily in Japan, and have built a fleet of high-quality, modern and fuel-efficient vessels. This fleet allows us to offer clients access a vast range of freight and trade routes.

MUR-owned vessels also have many features that improve energy efficiency and help to reduce the impact to the environment. Over 95% of our owned fleet has a RightShip rating of 4 or 5/5.


27,000-40,000 dwt


40,000-61,000 dwt

Our Services

Logistics and freight

We transport dry bulk cargo around the world on behalf of more than 300 clients.

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Ship management

Dockendale provides a full range of crewing, ship management and technical services, including to MUR’s owned fleet.

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Vessel owning

Our owned and controlled fleet of modern, fuel-efficient vessels. This gives us the capacity to deliver across a range of freight types, take on multi-year contracts and niche cargo requirements.

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